Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram, Sam Nartey George descends heavily on Keyan journalist on CNN during an interview over the passage of anti-gay bill in Parliament.

Hon. Sam George is one of the few lawmakers who are fighting and pushing for the LGBTQ bill agenda. The MP is strongly against the legalization of LGBTQ in the country.

The legislator and some officials who are against the activities of the LGBTQ community have presented a bill before parliament to criminalize the act of g@y and lesbianism.

The Ningo Prampram MP yesterday granted an interview on CNN over the anti-gay bill currently before Parliament.

During the interview, Kenyan reporter Larry Madowo on CNN asked Sam George that why he is sponsoring a bill that will promote hate and homophobia? This was a big question to Sam George since it did not only put him in a difficult position but also accused him of promoting homophobia and hate.

Sam George replied and said, if there is another thing you are talking about then you have got the wrong person because I am sponsoring a bill that will promote the correct human sexual right and not hate and homophobia.

Larry Madowo went on to ask Sam George of he is just a hateful person.

In response, he said;

“That is a defeatist approach to ask me a question, that is a defeatist line of questioning. That I am a hateful person,” he said he could not be described as such when the same bill made adequate room for respecting the rights of the LGBTQ activists.

It was a moment of tension when he asked what the MP would do if he finds out that his son or daughter was gay?

“Well, thankfully I have two sons and a daughter and none of them is gay.” When Madowo followed up that his question had not been answered, Sam George answered; “You are asking me to go into the realm of abstracts, I am a lawmaker and I deal with specifics,” Sam replied.

Watch the video;

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