Watch how pastor ‘miraculously transform’ woman’s potbelly to flat tummy

A video that has gone viral captures shocking moment a man of God ‘miraculously transform’ the pot belly of a woman to flat tummy.

The miracle occurred at United Family International Church founded by Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa.

In the video, the pαstor is heard asking a woman with a potbelly “do you want this thing to go back?” She replies “Papa, I want it to go, I want a flat tummy Papa.”

The woman adds that she wants a flat stomach now before the pαstor touches her stomach and prays for her stomach to get flat.

The man of God puts the microphone down, starts praying for her stomach, and says “go in”.

He continues to pray for her belly which appears to shrink, making the woman’s tummy flat as wanted.

The pαstor shouts “look at her”, the whole woman and the church scream in excitement as her stomach appears to get flat and her red dress appears to get loose.

The video has attracted the attention of multi award-winning rapper, Nicki Minaj, who said she would want similar services for a fee.