Watch how 129 football fans d!ed in Indonesia after police fire tear gas during stadium stampede

At least 129 people have been confirmed de@d in a stampede after police fired tear gas at field invaders who started an all-out brawl at an Indonesian soccer match.

Local officials confirmed that people were trampled to death after police fired tear gas to stop the ongoing brawls on the field.

The Indonesia Liga 1 game ended with Persebaya Surabaya beating Arema Malang 3-2, and with rival fans fighting each other on the field of the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

The brawls broke out right after the game ended Saturday night, prompting riot police to fire tear gas, said East Java Police Chief Nico Afinta.

Panic erupted among supporters and hundreds of people ran to a nearby exit gate to get away from the tear gas.

Death toll likely to increase
Some 34 fans reportedly died instantly after being trampled and others suffocated in the madness.

Over 300 people were rushed to nearby hospitals but many were declared dead on arrival and others died during treatment.

The death toll is likely to increase, with more than 180 injured victims still deteriorating in health.

Originally, only a few dozen deaths were reported from the on-field fights.