Renowned journalist, Kwesi PrattKwesi Pratt has said that Ghanaians should discard the perception that Volta Region votes in their numbers for National Democratic Congress (NDC) because of former President, Jerry John Rawlings.

Explaining his point, he said that Voltarians have minds and can decide on their own so they won’t lean towards one person.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Pan African TelevisionPan African Television, he emphasized that Voltarians have been insulted over the years by people who claim they vote for NDC because of Rawlings.

“This attempt to insult the people of the Volta Region should stop. Do you know how we insult the people of the Volta Region? We insult the people of the Volta Region by claiming that they don’t know their destiny, they don’t know themselves and that they’ve supported the government because of one person. That’s an insult.”

The veteran journalist recalled that “Kwame NkrumahKwame Nkrumah is not from the Volta Region, the Volta Region stood by Kwame Nkrumah through thick and thin. Check the history, check the electoral records. He was not an Ewe and he did not come from the region. Why the Volta region in the 1969 election when the CPP was banned the Volta Region voted massively enbloc for the National Alliance of Liberals.”

He added “The Volta Region has voted for the NDC throughout so there must be a reason other than Rawlings. So, it’s not true that Volta Region votes for a party because of Rawlings. Rawlings was not part of the CPP, he was not part of the National Alliance of Liberals. So, it’s not true, the people of the Volta Region, they know themselves, they know their aspirations, they know their needs. Don’t treat the people of the Volta Region as if they are herds of cattle. If you go and you refer to them as inward-looking people do you expect them to vote for you?”

“When Busia became President, he made the head of the secessionist movement Ghana’s Ambassador to Togo and that’s why the NPP is unpopular in the Volta Region and not because the people in the Volta Region vote for the NDC because of Rawlings,” he said.