Home Entertainment “Vivian Jill is wiser than Tracey Boakye” — Kevin Taylor

“Vivian Jill is wiser than Tracey Boakye” — Kevin Taylor

Controversial political activist, Kevin Taylor has reacted to the alleged conflict between actress Vivian Jill and Tracey Boakye.

In a video sighted on social media, Kevin Taylor made the observation that, in contrast to Tracey Boakye and the others, who seem to be all over the place and talk about everything, Vivian Jill is smart and conducts herself very well, even in the way that she approaches different problems.

Kevin Taylor was responding to a comment made by Vivian Jill, in which she suggested that individuals who pass judgment on situations before having all of the relevant information run the danger of being incorrect.

Kevin Taylor thinks that Vivian Jill is a very knowledgeable person. She does have the ability to deal with situations and does not recite her responses verbatim.

This information emerges in the wake of rumors that Tracey Boakye has stolen Vivian Jill’s boyfriend.

After the wedding of Tracey Boakye, rumors began to circulate that she had stolen her godmother Vivian Jill’s partner.

While Tracey responded to the report with shade and trolls for Vivian Jill’s broken heart, Jill maintained her composure and let the news to pass without much of an impact on her life.


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