Violence on TV is more dangerous than p0rn on TV – Socrate Safo

Popular filmmaker and chairman of the newly inaugurated Film Classification Committee, Socrate Safo has argued that violent scenes shown on our screens are more serious than p0rnographic contents.

According to the well-known filmmaker, violent content aired on TV stations can compel people to commit heinous crimes similar to what happened at Kasoa a few days ago.

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Speaking on Happy FM, he said, “We are always focusing on the p0rnographic content on our TVs. If it was only p0rnography, that is not really an issue. But for violent acts such as murder. Look at what happened to this innocent boy. We are always focused on condemning p0rnography on our TVs and I have said it before for which I received backlash, that for me, p0rnography is not a challenge to our society. Rather violence on our TV is a big problem. Let’s all stand up and condemn these tv stations and the content they are showing,” he said.

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Commenting on the sad incident that happened at Kasoa which involves two teenagers who murdered their colleague for money rituals, Mr. Safo noted that the only way these kids could know how to k!ll someone by hitting the head with a stick is through violent scenes on our screens.