Woman goes mad at the airport when she was about to travel abroad for greener pastures.

The African culture is believed to be against people traveling overseas to make it while their fellows sit here idle.

This myth has found it’s way into the mindset of many to attribute a mayhem that arises in the human life to witchcraft or any other thing.

In a viral video, a Nigerian woman is seen rearranging her luggage haphazardly from where they have been deposited at the airport after which she started speaking incongruently which attracted attention to herself.

Her actions showed signs on madness although it was yet to be confirmed by a psychologist.

Have a look at the video below.


Meanwhile, information gathered by outfit has it that students of Osei Tutu Senior High School have vandalized the plantain farm of their Assistant Headmaster over strict examination supervisory duties.

The anonymous students visited the farm of the Assistant Headmaster and destroyed the plantain which were about to bear fruits.

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