Video of ‘uneducated’ scammer struggling to speak English with foreign client

A presumed internet scammer well known in our local dialect as Yahoo or sakawa boy has found himself wanting after struggling to speak English with a foreign client.

The unknown internet scammer was sighted in a video trending on social media speaking to his client over the phone while lying on his bed.

However, he struggled to speak audibly because of his accent which is different from his foreign client

The fraudster suffered bitterly with the accent while trying to find himself on the suffering side after his clients had probably asked about his accent.

Well, a friend of his who was also in the room and could not control himself laughed out loud and teased him whole videoing him.

While sharing the video on Twitter, he teased him with laughing emojis and stated that scamming isn’t as easy a job as they claim.

Watch the video below;