Tamale woman hires 5 other women to beat young girl who snatched his boyfriend from her.

Love can lead people to the craziest thing and this case is one of them.

In a video seen by our outfit, a young lady was seen begging for mercy as she was being beaten.

We do not know how long they had spent punishing her but we believe it was long enough to make her very weak.

The lady who wore yellow attire was seen on the floor looking very helpless as the ladies took their turn to hurt her.

According to reports, the Bimbilla Police arrested two of the women who were hired to beat the lady.

Have a look at the video below

Also, a Popular Ghanaian chief bans wearing of mini skirts in his town, a new rule we find amazing.

If wearing a mini-skirts or you are just a lover of it, then this new directive by a Chief would make you unhappy.

A chief from Gomoa Ojobi in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region has banned women from wearing mini-skirts to the upcoming Ojobi Ahoobakese festival.

The Chief told residents they must uphold the dignity and dress decently as their annual festival approaches.

Surprisingly,the chief through the Abusuapanyin of Gomoa Ojobi Nana Kofi Otabil announced that the Traditional Council had set some punishment for those who disobeyed the order.

He said anyone lady who breached would be flogged severely by his team.