VIDEO: Policemen intentionally dressed as Santa Claus to arrest drug dealers in Peru.

Two undercover police officers dressed as Santa and an elf detained a suspected drug dealer in Peru’s capital city Lima and a video of the operation is getting a lot of comments on social media.

The officers, who were a part of the Peruvian police anti-drugs squad were dressed in red, white and green outfits as part of an operation.

According to a Reuters report, the agents arrived in an undercover van on December 13, before breaking into the house with a large hammer to apprehend their suspect.

Footage of the operation shows the agents pinning the suspect to the ground before handcuffing him in the Villa El Salvador district of Lima.

The arrested man had been videotaped selling drugs outside his home near a school, a police spokesman told the news agency.

BBC report said that the country’s police are known to use disguises during raids as it is believed to be an effective tactic. They have been known to dress up as homeless people and street sweepers in the past

Have a look at the video below.