Video of woman chewing stone as part of her culture practices causes stir online

A video circulating on social media shows a woman chewing stones as one of her cultural practices.

In the fast trending video, the woman could be seen comfortably chewing the stones without paying no attention to its side effect.

She claims it is part of her cultural practices and has no negative effects on her health.

The yet-to-be-identified woman revealed that the eating of the stones has been part of their cultural practices held by her tribe for a long time, though her children are against it.

Watch the video below;



In other news, Ghanaian mental health advocate and former TV show host, Abena Korkor has disclosed that the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) of the Ghana Police Service has seized her mobile phone.

Her phone was seized by the CID for posting obscene material on social media.

“So I was called by the CID because they said I have posted obscene material. I was teaching people how to sʋck d!ck using a d!ldo,” she said in a video shared on social media.

According to Abena Korkor, she has admitted to the charge, therefore, she is expecting the police to hand over the phone to her but she hasn’t gotten it. She explains that the police said they are still investigating her case.

“My face was showing, so if you have seized my phone, what evidence again are you looking at? I have admitted to my crime,” she said and added that “they said they seizing my phone to investigate” but she asked, “to investigate what?”


Watch the video below;