Video of teenagers gulping drinks in supermarket and putting the empty bottles back causes stir – [WATCH]

A video sighted online captured two young men behaving irresponsibly inside a supermarket.

The viral video sees the teenagers taking drinks from the shelves of the supermarket. They gulped and placed them back as they have been arranged.

Someone who appears to have come with them recorded their inappropriate and illegal activities as they continued to do it for fun.

A lot of social media users reacted to the video with a section slamming the young boys for their bad behavior.

Watch the video below;


In other news, Ghanaian relationship coach, Jessica Opare says any man who pumps money on his girlfriend in a relationship is only destroying the relationship and not keeping it as we may think.

According to her, a lot of men think giving women money is the best way to keep them but in reality, it destroys the relationship.

She stressed that the more a man gives money to his woman, the more they fall in love with your pocket not your heart.

“People might think that giving their partner money guarantees loyalty, guarantees love, guarantees a happy relationship but I am here to tell you that it is actually not the case.

If you are someone who has based your whole relationship on money as the solution to everything…there’s an argument and the next thing you do is give her money to go and buy her favourite thing, go shopping, what you are doing is actually damaging your relationship because money cannot be the solution to everything. There is more to life than money.

“Money is great, money is good, money makes things easier, a lot of things but it is not the solution to every problem,” she said.