Video of teenager below 18yrs being whipped for roaming streets of Cape Coast after 10pm has come across a viral video of a teenager being whipped severely for loitering around the streets of Cape Coast after 10pm.

It was revealed that persons below 18 years of age are banned from roaming the streets of Cape Coast after 10pm. People who are caught are whipped as punishment.

It is an initiative by a popular Cape Coast musician, Orkortor Perry and it’s being supported by the various assembly members in the locality.

The move is to help curb indisciplined and also prevent teenage pregnancy.

In the video below, a teenager who was caught in town after 10pm could be seen receiving some canes as a form of punishment.

After the video went viral, a lot of social media users have called on the Inspector General of Police to intervene because it is an abuse of human rights.

Watch the video below;