Video of students being served ‘gari’ with ‘raw soup’ as lunch

A video that has gone viral captures moment some students were served with raw ‘gari’ and raw ‘soup’ as lunch at school .

On the back of the rollout of the Free SHS policy, many schools have been severely affected by the lack of funds to support the day-to-day running of their schools.

This has resulted in the overpopulation of the dormitories, lack of furniture and the serving of ‘gari’ with ‘raw soup’ as lunch…that is what the schools say they could offer.

It was an eyesore at St Paul’s Senior High School SPACO and Minor Seminary at Hatsukorpe(Ketu South).

These students, who already look starved, are seen preparing to eat gari with watery soup, which contains only one fish for ten students.

The amount of food was disproportionate to the number of students at the table. The expressions on their faces spoke of hunger and hopelessness.