VIDEO of Osebo chewing raw, uncooked plantain causes confusion (WATCH)

Ghanaian fashion icon, Richard Brown who is widely known as Osebo has once again stunned Ghanaians with his bizarre and unorthodox way of doing things.

In a viral video sighted by Adepanews, the fashionista left jaws dropped after he was captured chewing raw, unpeeled, and uncooked plantain when he appeared on a cooking show, ‘Supa’s Kitchen’.

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According to Osebo, eating plantain in its raw state can help boost one’s immune system.

Before teaching his audience the benefits of eating raw plantain, Osebo who had joined the show to cook ‘ampesi’ with stew told the host Ohemaa Wuye Supa, that “I am about to chew the plantain because it is the cure to a host of diseases.”

He added “Permit me to perform some magic to you. First off let me cut both sides of the plantain after which I will wash it thoroughly. What I am about to perform is not new to a lot of Doctors but they will not tell you the truth. They won’t tell you the host of diseases it can cure,”.

Whiles chewing the uncooked and unpeeled plantain, the host who couldn’t believe her eyes at this point asked if the raw plantain wasn’t causing itchiness in his mouth.

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He answered that it was normal as he has been chewing raw plantain for a while now.

He added “I frequently chew plantain in its raw state… take the goat, for instance, it feeds on plantain. The nutritious part is the peel and the plantain itself… even with oats, we are not supposed to cook it before eating.”

Eating raw plantain according to Osebo “cures blood pressure (BP), diabetes, and also boosts your immune system.”

Watch the video: