Video of me singing has nothing to do with McBrown’s exit from UTV to Onua TV – Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie clears air

Ghanaian radio presenter, Kwame Nkrumah Tikisie has finally reacted after a video of him allegedly jabbing Nana Ama McBrown for quitting UTV for Onua TV went viral.

According to him, the video has no connection with Nana Ama’s media institution switch.

Speaking on his program on Okay FM monitored by, he stated emphatically that the video of him singing Obuoba J. A Adofo’s popular ‘ Mayeyie Ne Sumina’ song has nothing to do with McBrown. He explained that the song was in relation to a topic of a Driver and his mate who returned a huge amount of money found in their car and were merely compensated.

Tikesie stressed that Nana Ama is a sister to him not a friend and he’ll be the last person to mock or speak ill about her.

“For the records, Nana Ama and I are not friends. We are family. She is my sister. I visit her anytime I feel like and we have a good relationship. Again, I aside my morning show on Okay FM, I have never step foot to UTV, neither do I even know what happens around. Even when it was reported that she had quit, I was the last person to find out.

“I command the blood of Jesus to decend on anyone who maliciously and fiticiously accused me over that video especially you bloggers,” he said.

He revealed that the Actress called him over to her house for an explanation and as a big brother he drove to her and explained everything to her. She also explained to him the reasons why she quit Despite Media.

Watch the video below;


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