Video of Konadu Rawlings in tears at Rawlings’ funeral brings tears into the eyes of many

Video of Konadu Rawlings in tears at Rawlings’ funeral has popped up online days after the event began.

As part of the funeral activities of late former President Jerry John Rawlings, he was laid in state today at the Accra International Conference Centre.

This formed part of funeral activities lined up for the statesman who died on November 12, 2020, at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Today, January 26, the President and the Vice-President, their respective spouses and other high ranking members from the Judiciary and the Legislature, will also get the opportunity to file past the body of the former statesman.

In a new video that has gone viral, Mrs. Rawlings was walking alongside her children Zanetor and Kimathi Rawlings when she suddenly stopped and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

An elderly woman then rushed to the side of Nana Konadu and said some words to her which saw the former first lady nodding her head.

The lady then went through her bag in search of what is believed to be a handkerchief and handed it over to Nana Konadu.

Have a look at the video below.

Meanwhile, news popping up indicates that a 52-year-old woman called Abigail Mautor has claimed to be the first daughter of the late president.

According to the 52-year-old woman, her mother met her late father in his military days but he demanded to keep their relationship secret. In the course of their affair, her mother became pregnant but the former president denied responsibility.

Speaking in an interview, she said that most of the external family members in the village of the founder of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) know her because she had been to them on several occasions.

‘Most of the external family in the village know me. When my mom told me about my father, I went to the family, ” she noted.