Video of Headteacher lashing

Video of Headteacher lashing “parent” for representing student in school.

The “parent” a fake one was caught when he fraudulently followed a fellow student to serve as the biological parent has received the beatings of his life.

The Video of Headteachers lashing “parent” for representing student was captured in Tanzania.

In a video, the headteacher is seen addressing an assembly of teachers and students at the school in the presence of the indisciplined student and his fake parent.

“So I sent this boy to go and bring his parent and he has gone to pick someone in the streets and brought him here,” the teacher, donning a greyish kaunda suit explains in Swahili.

He goes on: “This student has challenges which we need to solve with the help of his parent. But this child is stupid, he brings us this man and tells us he is his mother’s husband.”

“If I involve the police, this man will be jailed for six years for impersonation. Let’s not go that way. Rather, I’m gonna hand him six strokes of the cane,” he adds amidst laughter from the students in the assembly.

Have a look at the viral video.