Video of Ghanaian chiefs giving away massive to Queen Elizabeth II in 1961pops online

A video of some Ghanaian chiefs giving away their gold to Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Ghana in 1961 has popped online.

The old video of the Queen’s first visit to Ghana in 1961 resurfaced after his demise on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

The video captured some Ghanaian chiefs presenting an enormous amount of gold to the Queen.

The late Queen of England, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Philip were in Cape Coast in 1961, and the video shows the chiefs lining up to present the gold gifts to them.

This video was made during a durbar of chiefs and people held for the Queen and her husband at the former capital of the Gold Coast.

In the video, one can clearly see how the British monarchy received several gold items notably a solid gold miniature palanquin, described as the principal gift from the Fante chiefs.

Queen Elizabeth also received a solid gold linguist’s staff beautifully crafted and a miniature gold sword.