Video of dirty Korle Bu mortuary with bodies scattered around

The deplorable state of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital mortuary has compelled a lot of Ghanaians to react after a documentary of its hit online.

A report by GHOne’s Godwin Asediba revealed how bodies are scattered on the floor with some leaking smelling leachate.

The documentary captured by the journalist detailed the poor condition of the mortuary.

“From the outside, it’s hard to imagine the sheer number of corpses piled up inside the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Mortuary. But as one draws closer reality begins to dawn. A pungent and heady smell, yet these mortuary attendants are busy at work having become immune over time,” the journalist opens his documentary.

With glaring images of vile scenes that needed few words to describe the condition in the mortuary of one of Ghana’s premier hospitals, viewers of the documentary are treated to the reality of an unsanitary environment that houses hundreds of mortal remains.

Watch the video below;