Video of Bridget Otoo’s husband refusing to k!ss her at their wedding

A video of Bridget Otoo’s husband, Dr. Evans Ago humiliating his newly-wedded wife at their private wedding has surfaced online.

The broadcaster and her husband tied the knot in a colorful private ceremony which was attended by their relatives and their friends.

The wedding garnered a lot of reactions on social media with a section claiming that Dr. Evans was forced to marry Bridget after getting her pregnant.

A video from the wedding captures the moment Bridget Otoo was filmed slapping her husband’s tighs to pose and smile for the cameras.

Apparently, Dr Evans Ago was not paying attention to all the happenings at the event and was thinking of something different hence, the reason he was nonchalant throughout the whole special day.

Aside from this not healthy-looking video, another picture that is also currently circulating on the internet shows how Dr Ago purposely refused to give Bridget Otoo a perfect touch of love with all his fingers.

He just used a few fingers to clip the back of the media personality like something he detests.

It seems Dr Ago wanted the Earth to open up and swallow him throughout the event because his behaviour was quite bizarre.