Video of a Man of God prophesying about the challenges Kofi Adoma Nwanwani will encounter this year pops online

A video making waves on the internet captures the leader of Zion Prayer Ministry, Prophet Fire OJA dropping some deep revelations about popular Ghanaian broadcaster Kofi Adoma Nwanwani.

In the video, the well known Man of God could be heard prophesying about the challenges the well-respected news anchor will face in the year 2021. According to him, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani should fast and pray tirelessly even if he doesn’t believe in Men of God because 2021 is a year people have planned to disgrace him.

He furthered that, he saw people Kofi Adoma has employed to work with betraying him and also God revealed to him that people will sit on different platforms(Radio stations) to discuss his issue to tarnish his hard-earned reputation. He urged Kofi to stand firm and pray because God will lift and promote his work in the following year.

Well, it seems what the Man of God said has started to manifest as the broadcaster was seen in the headlines a few days ago and his matters being discussed on radio stations.

Just a day ago, one Nana Ntim Barima was heard on an FM station accusing Kofi Adoma and a blind man for fabricating stories about him that are untrue.

In a video, Nana Ntim Barima could be heard telling his bitter experience after a young blind man he took care of connived with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani to tarnish his reputation.


Nana Ntim Barima with much pain and bitterness was head mentioning how much he helped the young blind man.

According to the video, his plights started after he started appearing on radio and Television stations without his concern.

He mentioned that the young blind man was cunning and ungrateful especially when he visited Kofi Adoma.

He was heard saying;

I discovered this blind boy in 2013 after he complained to me about the neglect from his family ever since he was admitted to the school of the blind.

I catered for him and other blind people after visiting their School and seeing their plight.

After some period I took him to Okuapemman School.

He later wanted a laptop for some studies which I bought for him.

I catered for him through to the university.

Watch the video below;