My boyfriend wanted to use me for Sakawa-Lady narrates in a radio interview.

Gifty, a 27-year-old woman who lives in Amasaman with her mother, rescued her.
Gifty said she met her boyfriend after graduating from junior high school.

Her mother was seriously ill at the time, so they were facing financial difficulties; getting money to buy food was extremely difficult for the family.

Gifty did not accept the young man’s proposal, but she did tell her elder sister about it.

Because of the difficulties they were experiencing, Gifty’s elder sister advised her to accept the proposal so that they could receive money from the boy to feed themselves which she did gladly.

After a few months, the lady had not heard from the boyfriend they later got together and the young man made an agreement that if she sleeps with him, he will take her back.

Gifty was not having any other choice than to agree with him.

He bought two sandals for Gifty but was ceased by the mother based on some spiritual direction.

She claimed that when the boy slept with her, he would wipe her face and “toto” with a white handkerchief before putting it under the bed.

Later, the guy took her to a pastor, who put her in a room, tore her dress into pieces, and cut her hair.

Have a look at the video below.

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