Mother of viral Ghanaian transgender attacks Sam George

Mother of viral Ghanaian transgender attacks Sam George over anti-LGBTQ bill in a new video, intercepted by

Maxine’s mother is urging mothers of Ghanaian transgenders to speak out against anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

They did not choose to have children who turned out to be transgender, according to her.

According to her, when she gave birth to her son, who now identifies as a woman, the nurses claimed her child was a girl but refused to accept it.
She explains that she is a devout Christian, and Maxine’s father is a minister, so they tried everything to raise their child as a boy, but it didn’t work.

Angel Maxine’s mother also made an impassioned plea to President Akufo Addo to oppose the bill.

She went on to call Hon. Sam George a lunatic who knows nothing about pregnancy and its complications.

She was heard saying

“From the beginning, it was easy because I am a Christian and a born again and a woman of God as that. And she was brought up in a Christian home, her dad too is a reverend minister so you can imagine it wasn’t easy,”

Have a look at the video below

Meanwhile, Kennedy Agyapong gives ₵ 50,000 to Ahmed Suale’s wife ,Net2 TV presenter confirmed last night on the show.

This comes days after the Second wife of slain journalist Ahmed Suale alleged that her late husband’s 4 children have all dropped out of school while she herself has been thrown out of her home in what she alleged is neglect by her husband’s boss Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Kennedy Agyapong spotted preaching

She said she is currently perched with Anas’s first wife, both of whom are struggling to make ends meet without the assistance of the lump sum Anas promised them when their husband died while working for him.

But in a new revelation by Kwaku Annan of the seat show, he said Kennedy Agyapong has generously given 50,000 Ghana cedis to the wife of the deceased in order for them to provide for themselves and their families.

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