VIDEO: Man throws expensive party after impregnating 6 women at the same time

A video catching fire on all major social media platforms captures a Nigerian club owner identified as, Pretty Mike who decided to threw an enormous party after he impregnated his six (6) wives.

The party he threw to flaunts his 6 would be baby mamas entailed luxurious decorations, foods, and his beverages were all champagne.

In the video sighted, the man who wore a pink traditional cloth sown in a fashion of a suit was seen rubbing his fingers on the bellies of 6 wives who also wore a matching ash coloured dress.

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In another scene of the video, this unidentified man explained that he decided to tap the opportunity present by the Covid-19 pandemic when the lockdowns were initiated.

The man who wore a decent smile throughout the video be could be seen communicating with his friend in his Nigerian tongue.

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There had been reports that the rate of single mothers had exploded into a higher number and this man is certainly doing his part to stabilize the figures.

Watch the video covering his party below: