This lady had the most humiliating day of her life after she was allegedly caught stealing milk for her hungry baby in a supermarket

According to her, her baby has not had food for the whole day because she has nothing on her or in the house due to her inability to work as the results of the lockdown

She said she didn’t want to ask her neighbors again because she has asked a lot already

She then decided to go out and search for food that’s how come she entered the supermarket called Willmar pharmacy and store

According to sources, she took a milk and hid it in her clothes, she was however caught by the supervisor of the store, who took the milk and humiliated her as well

She knelt down, cried and pleaded with them to forgive her, but they still stripped her naked, filmed her and posted it on social media

This incident happened in Agbor, Delta State in Nigeria

Watch video below