Many Ghanaians in the affected lockdown cities have taken to social media to express their disappointments in the government for distributing unhealthy and of low quality foods to them

The government of Ghana, as part of their relief intervention for Ghanaians due to the lockdown in an attempt to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease promised to distribute free foods to residents of the lockdown affected areas

The government went on to allocate a huge amount of money, for this exercise

The free distribution of the foods started this week, with many people rushing to the designated venues to get theirs

Most of the beneficiaries have since taken to social media to show videos of their packed cooked foods

According to some of them, the foods are not nutritious and on top, unhygienic. People are criticizing the foods because of the huge money the government claimed to have allocated for the venture, citing the food is not up-to the value of the money