VIDEO: Davido and his crew attacked in a gruesome fight in Dubai while at a nightclub.

Davido was in the news just last week for a very good reason and this morning the news about is very poor.

In a recent development, a video of Davido’s crew beating some club patrons in Dubai has surfaced online.

According to sources, when Davido and his entourage arrived at the club and purchased a bottle of drink, several clients started to film them.

According to reports, other clubgoers arrived and ordered a large number of drinks, following which Davido entered and ordered only one Azul and one Don Julio.

The bouncer approached them and told them they couldn’t record because Davido didn’t like it but an argument ensued and a fight broke out between Davido’s crew and the patrons.

However, according to another Instagram user who was also present at the time, Davido did not initiate the fight, but rather his crew did. “I was there last night. Yes there was a fight, but it was only OBO friends, and securities are involved” she added.

Have a look at the video below.

Also,I stopped dating David Dontoh because I could not give birth, Maame Dokono has said in an interview last Saturday night.

Ace Maame Dokono, a Ghanaian actress, has spoken out about her alleged love relationship with David Dontoh, a fellow actor.

The 76-year-old legend verified the allegation during her appearance on United Showbiz on Saturday, stating that they dated for more than ten years before parting ways.

She revealed this on the most recent episode of UTV’s United Show, stating that it all began on a movie set in the 1990s with David Dontoh.

According to her, she consented to date the actor in order to reduce the number of men and lesbians pursuing her.

Maame Dokono revealed that she had to end her relationship with David Dontoh due to her inability to bear children for him.

She said that she had had four kids and didn’t want to have any more.

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