2 Sakawa boys f!ght Kasoa women for k!lling a money-making snake after it tried to vomit money in public, a video captured the moment after the snake was k!lled.

Internet fraudsters in Ghana have their own subculture called the Sakawa boys renowned for partying and conspicuous consumption.

Sakawa is a Ghanaian term for illegal practices that combine modern Internet-based fraud with spiritual powers for luck and success.

But sometimes not everyone involved in sakawa would also engage in fraud, some prefer snakes that would directly vomit the money for them.

In a new video, some sakawa boys have gotten their snake k!lled which may come with some consequences too.

In the video, the alleged sakawa boys were young men who had dreadlocks on and played very loud music in the car.

But unfortunately, the snake crawled outside through the windows of the car into the road which got k!lled by the nearby hawkers.

Eye-witnesses claim two boys descended from the Benz car.

The witnesses also claimed that when the snake came out of the car, it tried to vomit money before it was killed.

The incident happened at the kasoa toll booth.

This infuriated the young men who were occupants of the car and picked a grudge with the hawkers.

The young men sped off after realizing the police were approaching them.

Have a look at the video below.


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