Van Vicker lists gifts he would want on Father’s Day

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Van Vicker lists gifts he would want on Father’s Day and we think it’s really cool.

Let’s be honest to ourselves what is there is no girls celebrated as compared to Mother’s Day and this might not be to challenge the importance of each other but I think what is there should be given careful thought.

Van Vicker shared a photo of himself on his Instagram and in the caption was the items ladies could gift their father’s on that special day.

Read it below

We do not want mugs, hankies, cufflinks, shirts, ties, etc for Father’s Day. We are tired ooo,” he lamented. “Please change the narrative this year. Study daddy (father) and you will decipher what he TRULY NEEDS.”

Let me give you some insights: Watches, Shoes, Customized Grooming sets, Masculine travel bags, exquisite pens, new glasses frames, sunglasses. The list is not exhaustive.”

“Our loved ones need to give Father’s gift more thought and stop the superficiality and conventional. Ya br3. Let the REAL FATHERS STAND UP!,”