Police Commander sacks unmarried Policewoman for getting Pregnant

Police Commander sacks unmarried Policewoman for getting Pregnant in Nigeria.

This may sound very absurd and archaic but well it happened and it is their labor law so there is nothing that can be done apart from an amendment of the labor laws.

But hey, “Fair and equal” treatment can become a problem when it comes to pregnancy at the police department because guys don’t get pregnant.

In a bizarre report, the Nigerian Police Force has sacked an unmarried policewoman, Olajide Omolola for getting pregnant while not married.

According to her dismissal letter, getting pregnant while unmarried is against the codes and conduct of the police force of the country.

Her dismissal letter read;

“Section 127 of the Police Act and Regulation against women police getting pregnant before marriage W/PC (woman corporal) Olajide Omolola passed out of Police Training School on 24/04/2020 attached to yours contravened above provisions.

She stands dismissed from the Force. Dekit her.  Retrieve police documents in her possession with immediate effect. O/C CFO Ekiti only. You are to relay signal to IPPIS Abuja for the stoppage of her salary with immediate effect.

DECOMPOLS (deputy commissioners of police)/ACPOLS (assistant commissioners of police)/HODs/DPOs Ekiti State only. You are to lecture women police. Treat as very urgent.”