Ungrateful Girlfriend Dying As A Result Of Breaking Up With Boyfriend

A 34-year-old details how she is dying due to her ungratefulness towards her boyfriend. 

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A lady reported her statement giving her name as Diana narrated that, she was living with her boyfriend with one child. As they were living together, her boyfriend Samuel Twemasi Darko assisted her with 24 million Ghana cedis to travel to Egypt to work as the living condition in Ghana was not meeting their expectation. 

Upon arrival in Egypt, she started working. Diana reported she refused to give the boyfriend details of her account statement as the boyfriend in Ghana wanted to know details of her banking account statement. 

As a result, she had an argument with her boyfriend and discontinue her relationship with him. Per to the statement of Diana,  during the argument between the two on the phone, the boyfriend cursed her stating she will suffer. 

About a month after the argument with her boyfriend, Diana stated she started feeling ill in Egypt. Through blood work, the medical result statement stated that she has both kidney and womb problems. 

She then returned to Ghana and made some spiritual consultations in which Twemasi’s name was mentioned that she is ill as a result of the discontinuation of her relationship with Twemasi.  

Diana is now at Oyerepa FM Kumasi-Ghana pleading with Twemasi to forgive her. As the host made several phone calls to call Twemasi, there is no answer. 


Source: adepanews.com 


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