Ukrainian President Zelensky slams NATO for rejecting his no-fly zone plea

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has fired some shots at NATO for failing to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

The leadership of Ukraine had earlier appealed to the West to stop Russian jets raining bombs on their country as Moscow’s military encircles key cities.

“Knowing that new strikes and casualties are inevitable, NATO deliberately decided not to close the sky over Ukraine,” he said.

“Today the leadership of the alliance gave the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages, refusing to make a no-fly zone,” Zelensky said.

NATO on Friday rejected Ukraine’s plea to close the sky to prevent Russia from bombing Ukraine.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance would not intervene in the conflict over fears of a direct clash with Moscow that could spiral into a nuclear war.

“The only way to implement a no-fly zone is to send NATO fighter planes into Ukraine’s airspace, and then impose that no-fly zone by shooting down Russian planes,” Stoltenberg said after the urgent meeting.

“If we did that, we’ll end up with something that could end in a full-fledged war in Europe, involving many more countries and causing much more human suffering.”