Uganda bans women from occupying front seats in trucks to minimize accidents

Authorities in Uganda have banned women from sitting in driver’s cabin to help minimize road accidents.

According to them, women are partly responsible for some accidents that occur on the roads especially in Lira City.

The ban follows after nine (9) people were k!lled in an accident in the Lira area on January 10.

They explained that women allegedly wear short and revealing skirts and dresses to distract drivers.

“The accident occurred after a Fuso truck transporting traders and their merchandise got involved in an accident at Pii-awac swamp, seven kilometers east of Lira City,” The Monitor reported.

Although police said that the accident was likely caused by reckless driving and overloading, they also faulted the businesswomen.

The women are accused of distracting truck drivers because they allegedly wear short and revealing skirts and dresses.