On Thursday night a student of the University of Cape Coast ( Fidel Osei ) a reporter for fillaHQ news was arrested by claims of him publishing fake news.

According to a source, Fidel immediately after writing exams on 15th October 2020 was engaged by campus security personnel asking him to follow him to assist with their claims of him publish fake news ( that’s alleging him of talking about a robbery that went on during the week on campus).

Unknowingly to Fidel Osei, the security personnel whisked him to the Central Regional Police Command where he is said to have been charged by spreading false information and causing fear and panic to the robbery. This has been a very disgusting issue of which many influences have been tweeting about it for authorities to free him. Let’s see how it goes. Stay tuned as I would be updating.

Fidel is said to have exams today 16th October, 2020 is presently at the Baakano Police station with desperate efforts being made to get him back on campus to write the papers.