Two Nigerian police officers were spotted  smoking Indian hemp popularly known as weed, today whiles they were on uniform.

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It’s illegal to possess or use cannabis in Nigeria, in accordance with the Dangerous Drugs Act. This law specifically lists ‘Indian Hemp’ as a dangerous drug, stating that the term refers to “any plant or part of a plant of the genus cannabis”.

The Indian Hemp Act further clarifies the situation – stating that possession of the substance is an offence, which can be punished with “imprisonment for a term of not less than four years”. However, if the offender is seventeen or under, the sentence is adjusted to 21 strokes of the cane, plus two years in a borstal or similar institution, or a fine of N200.

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Individuals can also be prosecuted for possessing equipment associated with the usage of cannabis (for example, a smoking pipe). If caught, they could be given a prison sentence of not less than five years.

They are meant to be against this since indian helm is not legalized in Nigeria, but they were smoking in the public while fully kitted up as law enforcement  officers.

Watch the video below: