Two de@d as robbers turn against each other during operation

Two out of nine suspected armed robbers have been confirmed dead after they turn against each other during a robbery operation at a popular Resort in Rukenya, Kenya.

According to reports, nine suspected armed robbers stormed the Thiba Falls Resort around 3:00 am on Saturday, February 19, with weapons and stripped the security man on duty naked before trying him up.

They then broke into the bar and engaged in a drinking spree before packing some of the drinks into their car.

Shockingly, the robbery gang start fighting each other using dangerous weapons which led to the demise of two of them.

The business proprietor, Paul Kigundu, arrived at the scene shortly after 7:00 am upon being informed of the incident.

He said:

“When I arrived, I found police officers already at the scene staring at the two bloody stained bodies which were lying apart within the parking bay. There were also many broken bottles that the robbers must have used to fight each other.”

Also recovered were an assortment of crude weapons across the road. Gichugu East Sub- County police Commander Antony Mbogo, who also arrived at the scene, declined to talk to the press insisting his seniors were also present trying to piece up the details available before coming to a conclusion as what transpired.