Ghanaian internet sensation, Archipalago Mufasa is still in the US hunting for Twene Jonas for throwing jabs at Ghanaian leaders.

Social media critic, Twene Jonas has been fighting politicians and Ghanaian leaders for not managing the affairs of the country very well.


However, the method he adopted in making his concerns known is what really became a major topic all together to discuss with some in support of his aggressive words while others also are of the view his words are too harsh to be said to elders, branding them as insults.

One of such persons is Archipalago who believes Jonas’ method of addressing issues is disrespectful and must change from it.

A couple of days ago, Archipalogo was spotted in a video going on a hot search for Jonas in the US.


The Ghanaian musician for the past few months have been chasing Twene Jonas for hurling insults at Ghanaian politicians and leaders in his Facebook live videos.

But it seems Archipalago is now fed up and cannot continue the search anymore. In the latest video from his camp, he claimed that Twene Jonas is a mad man nothing on earth can stop him from insulting the leaders so people giving him attention especially Mr. Hopeson Adorye should channel their energy into a different thing because Jonas is just a mad man in cloths.

Watch the video below;

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