Twene Jonas will d!e if continues displaying dollars– Rev Isaac Frimpong reveals

Twene Jonas finally declares his stance on LGBT in Ghana and I’ve fully agreed with him for the first time.

His new statement which were full of insults however contained some details which are very important in fighting LGBT in Ghana.

He believes that instead of devoting time to LGBT issues, they should focus on how to properly utilize Ghana’s mineral resources in order to make money and develop the country.

However, Jonas also stated that Ghana is not ready to legalize LGBT behavior and that anyone caught in the act deserves to be attacked.

He was essentially saying that LGBT issues should not be prioritized in Ghana at the moment because there are more pressing issues to address.

Twene said in an earlier video that his critics failed to condemn the President for attempting to have him deported for speaking the truth about the poor government.

Twene Jonas indicated that the money spent on tracking him and finding a way to deport him could be used to solve issues that affect university students.

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