TV3 violated my human rights, they will pay for it — Abena Korkor

Former TV3 worker, Nana Abena Korkor says she is still in a state of dilemma on why TV3 terminated her contract.

Earlier this year, Ms. Korkor lost her position as one of the hosts of the ‘Ladies Circle show’ on TV3 after she was sacked by the management.

It was revealed that the Media General group, owners of TV3 terminated her contract after a video of her going nud£ in which she was wearing only lingerie went viral.


The show’s sponsors see the video to be negative publicity which they do not want to be associated with their brands, and thus forced her employers to act.

But Abena speakingg in an interview with Delay explained that was not the reason. TV3 told her that they’ve not terminated her contract, they were preparing a new contract.

Few months after her termination, Miss Abena in a now-deleted Instagram post claims TV3 violated her human rights and will pay for doing so.

According to her, she was discriminated against because of her bipolar disorder condition.

“Stop stigmatising and let’s support persons living with mental health problems. I never knew what exactly made TV3 discontinue my contract. I was discriminated against because I live with bipolar disorder,” she wrote in the post.

“So many times companies act under the pretence the support human rights. TV3 violated my human rights. They will pay for it if they don’t make corrections. They will pay for it dearly. Amongst all the channels in Ghana, they have the potential of becoming like CNN or BBC but core management has hypocrites and backwards thinking people,” she added.

Read her now-deleted post below;

TV3 violated my human rights, they will pay for it — Abena Korkor