TT misued all the money personally given to him

TT misued all the money personally given to him 3years ago to furnish his house, Mr.Beautiful says in a new video seen by

In an old interview, TT revealed that after many years of gracing our screens, he has been reduced to nothing – he has nothing to brag about and must rely on the kindness of strangers to get by.

He said he requires GHC3000 from Ghanaians in order to secure his rent for the next six months which Mr.beautiful says it should be rubbished.

But according to Mr. Beautiful, Prophet Badu Kobi, General Overseer of Glorious Wave Church International, gave TT an undisclosed sum of money to finish his house in Dodowa.

He also revealed that church members organized fundraising to support the actor’s project.

He was heard saying

“I don’t feel pity for TT, I personally led him to Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi. Apart from the money that was given to him by the man of God, the church organized fundraising for him.
He told us he has an uncompleted building at Dodowa and Prophet Badu Kobi gave him money to complete it. We never heard from him again until three years later when he was appealing for support”

He is believed to have spent that money. Mr Beautuful mentioned that he will not like to speak extensively on the issue and that T.T’s poor situation is because of his love for food.

Have a look at the video below

However, Popular Kumawood actor, Clement Bonney widely known as Mr. Beautiful has also joined scores of Ghanaian who have shared their views on the legalization of LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

The renowned actor believes the lesbian, g@y, bisexual, transgender, queer intersex community should be allowed to fully operate.

TT misued all the money personally given to him 3years ago to furnish his house- Mr.Beautiful says

According to him, even though he is not interested in any activity related to the LGBTQ but he believes they should be allowed to enjoy their life because they’ll face the consequences alone.

“I’m not gay but if someone wants to be one why not allow him or her? If someone thinks that being gay is what makes him or her comfortable, then why not?

God has created a natural means through which a man and woman should enjoy sex but if some people do not prefer that, then it’s their choice. If that’s what they want, let’s allow them but they will suffer the consequences later,” he stated in an interview with SammyKay Media.