TT exposes Ayisha Modi after lying about giving him GHS 5000

TT exposes Ayisha Modi

TT exposes Ayisha Modi after lying about giving him GHS 5000 in a new interview available on Instagram.

Recall when we reported that Rev.Obofour promises to build a multi-million mansion for TT,Ayisha Modi has suggested, well there is a new update on that.

Ayisha Modi announced on her Instagram that the head pastor for Anointed Palace Chapel Rev Obofour and another colleague had promised to get a very decent house built in the name of the former actor.

But it seems that plan has seen the day of light yet as TT claims he only received a phone call to that effect and since then nothing has been done about it.

In an interview with Sammy Kay Media, the “Taxi Driver” actor stated that Ayisha Modi only gave him GHS600and a few soft drinks.

This also comes after rumors went around that she gave him GHS5000.

Also,the Brand influencer, Ayisha Modi has revealed that she also gave veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio money in 2021 when he appealed for support to pay his rent.

Ayisha disclosed this in a comment section under a social media post of singer Reggie Zippy.

According to Reggie in the Facebook post, he doesn’t understand why Ghanaians are chastising MzGee and actor T.T adding that many Ghanaians who are not in the shoes of the actor may not completely get what he is going through.