Truth behind the story of the woman who d!ed while chasing her husband’s side chic

Reports went viral yesterday that a married woman d!ed in a car crash during an attempt to catch her husband and his alleged side chic in Cross River State, Nigeria.

It was reported that the incident happened as a result of over-speeding while the woman chased to catch up with her husband who was in another car with alleged mistress.

Here’s the truth…

The man closed from Church, dropped the family and went straight to meet up with his side chic.

Someone sighted them at the location & snitched.

The location was a Spar, the wife hurriedly got there.On sighting her, he drove off speedily with the lady in his car.

The wife chased after them but unfortunately lost them. She decided to go their scrabble club,where he normally sits out with some of his friends.

Knowing fully well that the probability of meeting him there was high, she planned to report him to his senior friends.

Unfortunately for her, he sighted her and took off again. This time, he was alone. She gave him a hot chase and in the process she lost control and crashed

The man was in a relationship with his therapist.

He just survived stroke and was going through therapy. I guess that’s where the relationship started from.

According to our source, he was a family-oriented man and has been happily married for years.

He and his late wife were sweethearts and there was never an incident of him, being caught with other women.