Truck driver runs ‘mad’ after bashing a car, rolls on the floor like keeper

A truck driver almost lost his sanity after he realized the huge damage he had caused after he bashed a car from behind.

In the video sighted online, the truck driver is seen dressed in only his briefs and after seeing the level of damage he had caused, he fell to the ground in a dramatic manner and thereafter ran into nearby bush.

The said driver had taken off his shirt and was seen displaying in the bush as if to say that he had lost his senses.

The collision had attracted many people to the scene who were there to assess the damage caused but the truck driver was already in the bush.

He was seen jumping up and down and putting himself on the floor as the camera caught what he was doing.

Unperturbed by what was going on, the driver kept at his pretense with the hopes that he was not going to be made to pay for the damages that he had caused to the expensive car.

Watch the video below;