Tracey boakye paid Ernest opoku to “chop” her, So What? – Maa Linda fires

Linda Osei, a controversial content creator on Tiktok who goes by the name Maa Linda, has made some bold claims about Tracey Boakye. In a lengthy Tiktok video, Maa Linda alleged that Tracey Boakye paid gospel musician Ernest Opoku to sleep with her.

Maa Linda went on to discuss Tracey Boakye’s recent marriage and past indiscretions. She claimed that it is common knowledge that Tracey Boakye bragged about paying men to sleep with her, including Ernest Opoku, and that her husband is aware of it but does not care.

Maa Linda, who is the mother of Onua TV host Felicia Osei, urged Ghanaians to stop spreading rumours about Tracey, saying that it will not work in breaking her marriage. However, some netizens pointed out that Linda herself is the one spreading rumours about Tracey since no one has spoken about her dalliance with Ernest Opoku in years.

The allegations made by Maa Linda have sparked a lot of debate on social media, with some people supporting her claims and others denouncing them. Many have also expressed their concern about the impact that these allegations could have on Tracey’s personal and professional life.

Furthermore, fans of Tracey Boakye accused Maa Linda of pretending to defend Tracey while actually mocking her. It remains to be seen if Tracey Boakye will respond to these allegations.

Watch video below: