Tracey Boakye attācks trolls after posting son’s US passport (VIDEO)

Tracey Boakye has responded to criticism over the sharing of her newborn baby’s American citizenship on social media. The actress, who gave birth in the United States on March 5, faced criticism and skepticism from critics who doubted the authenticity of her son’s passport.

Despite sharing a photo of the passport on April 6, Tracey continued to face backlash from naysayers. In response, she posted a video on Instagram in which she quoted a TikTok fan who defended her actions.

She employed the words of a TikTok fan which read:

“People have described as unnecessary for Tracey Boakye to flaunt her son’s passport. They said she is too extra and uncivilized but don’t Ghanaian celebrities give birth in America often? In America, as soon as you give birth, they issue your baby’s passport to you. It’s easy to attain citizenship for your baby in America than in the UK because, in the UK, you’d have to buy it. So why is it a headache to most of you that she has shown her son’s passport? Is it because it is Tracey? If it were you, you would’ve done worse.

“Now people don’t keep albums anymore. Social media is the new album so there is nowhere else to flaunt that American passport. Social media is now the place to broadcast our wins and testimonies, so why are you faulting her?” Tracey, who currently lives in the US with her husband and three children, shared the video on her timeline, receiving over 15,000 likes and 300 comments.

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