Togbe Afede hits back at critics who say he was not an active as a Council of State member

Former Council of State member, Togbe Afede XIV has been making headlines for the past few days after refunding GH¢3650,000 ex-gratia paid to him for working as a Council of State member between 2017 and 2020.

Togbe Afede XIV speaking in an interview with JoyNews said he was surprised to see the huge amount of money in his account as ex-gratia.

The Paramount Chief opened up on why he returned the money to the state. He explained that his four-year part-time job as a Council of State member does not merit such an amount of money.

“My joy turned sadness because I knew there was no way I would spend that kind of money. I was very surprised about the sheer quantum of money that I was going to be paid and I thought that for four years work, that in all honesty, it was part-time work, I did not think it merited such amount of extra reward, after I have enjoyed monthly salaries. Of course there are other privileges whether I enjoyed them or not is neither here nor there…but I thought the salaries were more than enough,” he told Maxwell Agbagba.

The Agbogbomefia of Asogli believes that the nature of a job of a Council of State Member is unmeritorious of compensation after leaving office.

“I thought the salaries were more than enough, so I decided there and then that there is no way I could spend that money and that money must go back to government…there may be a need to give some end of service benefit, how much to be given is subject to a bit of analysis, that would respect also the situation in our country and the plight of the average Ghanaian. Some people must not be made to look like a different class of people.

“Council of state work should not take you away from what you have already been doing and therefore is not a case that you need to be compensated at the end of service or when you are being thrown out of job,” he explained.

Togbe Afede XIV debunked claims that he was not active as a Council of State member.

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