May be an image of 2 people, including Adelaide A. Boateng-Okyere, people standing and text that says 'Vaccin COVIB-S Vaccine COVID-19'

Approximately the first week of March 2021, news broke that Detective Sergeant Frederick Sarpong received information that some health officials had been stealing and selling Covid 19 vaccine provided by the government. As the news was given, the officer made a follow-up with the given information and some names were given. This was as a result of one officer who charged the complainant 200 Ghana. 

The complainant gave occupational health Cosmos Allotey’s number to the officer which they invited Allotey to Labone a suburb of Accra to inject the complainant on March 16 after they agreed on a fee. Allotey attended the agreed venue and he was arrested. 

As they arrested Allotey, they found about eight Covidshield vials, eight used Covidshield,173 pieces of 0.5 unused injected syringes plus some cotton found on him. 

In addition, some investigation followed up, the Greater Accra regional officer arrested a disease control officer, Stephen Dzisenu, and a laboratory assistant, Joseph Knight Gaissie.  These were the names given for stealing 36 vials of Covidshield vaccines. 

Reports from police stated Dzisenu allegedly stole the vaccine and delivered them to Allotey to administer to clients charging them 200 Ghana cedis per jab.  It is said Gaisie is being held for abetment of crime in stealing. 

In addition, it is also alleged that Lord Pabitey stole 26 vials of the same vaccines from the storage. Not forgetting a former Laboratory Technician at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Joseph Knight Gaisie, and a project assistant are being held for abetment of crime. Accra Circuit Court remanded the three individuals and they are to reappear on April 1, 2021.