Those around Nana Addo will make him fail- Prophet Kofi Oduro has revealed via a Facebook post.

The founder and Overseer of Alabaster Prayer Ministry, Prophet Oduro who once tagged as an enemy of the Akufo-Addo administration has shared a very appalling message about the president.

The renowned prophet while delivering a sermon in church on Sunday advised that the president changed his ways.

He advised him to repent immediately else he will face the wrath of God here on earth before he dies.

He was explained that;

“Those around you are those that will cause your downfall. You know I respect you for all it is worth but I am telling you, those around you are going to cause your downfall.
“I never believed that things will happen under your watch,” he said before he slammed the issue of travels abroad for health reasons, “we can say Halleluyah to you this morning because the truth is hurtful.”

“Therefore, repent your Excellency sayeth the Lord…. Repend NPP governemnet. Repent all of these people who are proud of this bloodshed, repent sayeth the Lord.
“Yesterday I counted one, 22 Land Cruisers in a convoy and when I look at the roads the cars are driving on, Your Excellency, I can see a visionless and a helpless Ghana.

Have a look at the video below