Thomas Partey Likely To Be Jailed As New Evidence Reveal That Indeed He Is A Rap!st

Arsenal Thomas Partey is likely to be imprisoned if additional evidence and accusations emerge that show him to be guilty of the crime.

In the past, a woman who claimed to be his fiancée accused Ghana’s Black Stars deputy captain of rape.

After a few days of conjecture, the case took a turn for the worse, but the woman has retaliated, and she has retaliated rather hard this time, dropping bits of chat to establish that the player did indeed rape her.

The footballer’s alleged crime occurred just 10 days before the new UK statute allowing the police to prosecute rape charges outside the UK came into force, which may be favorable to the footballer.

When Sarah Bella declined to marry him in Spain, he was initially accused of rape by her, but she later changed her story.

Also revealed was that Sarah Bella accused him of using force on her after spending nearly 700,000 British pounds on her. It’s sad that he’s going through such mental and emotional pain now.

They say that Sarah Bella is to blame for all this because she didn’t see it coming when Thomas Partey refused to marry her after their trip to Spain, which she didn’t know was coming.